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Bible Versions and the Example of Jesus

The Sadducees had a very different Bible from the Pharisees…they only believed that the first 5 books of Moses were God’s word. Yet you never see Jesus trying to convince them otherwise.

When Jesus corrected their mistaken view on the resurrection He did not do so with what would be clear texts from Scripture that they did not believe to be God’s word. Instead, He quoted from the books that they held to be Scripture (Mat 22:31-32)

Does this example have a place in the Bible version debates?

Does it have a place in the debates over the apocrypha?


About theologian

I'm a child of the King, my Father who is in Heaven, by the precious blood of His eternal Son, Jesus Christ. I am married with children and currently reside in Pennsylvania. I am a Pastor with the Association of Charismatic Reformed Churches (ACRC) working as an Urban Missionary in Chester, PA. Throughout my time in ministry God has also blessed me with opportunities for formal education by which I earned my terminal degree (Doctor of Theology) from New Geneva Theological Seminary in 2013.


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